Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dear Jane

Jane is the nicest person I've never met.  She is retired and not overly computer savvy, so she is one of just a handful of customers who prefer to do business over the phone. When I get a call from Atlanta, I know it's Jane! Many years ago, she sent me her first quilt order  -  the t-shirts were all about her beloved Norwegian Elkhounds.  She and her husband were also HUGE Florida Gator fans...and over the years and since he has passed away I made eight more quilts (mostly Gator) for her grandkids, kids, and herself. Today I finished her ninth quilt:

100% sweatshirts...Gators and Norwegian Elkhounds!

Jane recently moved to Arizona and I figured this would be her last quilt. Literally hundreds of t-shirts and sweatshirts have been incorporated in her memory quilt. But, wouldn't you know, she called me yesterday and said she came across a few more shirts and she's going to be sending me the makings for quilt #10!

She lets me choose the colors, she's never in a hurry, and she's always the happiest person. She makes my day and I hope she knows how much I appreciate knowing her. Like I said, the nicest person I've never met. Wild Zipper T-Shirt Quilts<3

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