Saturday, September 12, 2015

So much variety

Lesley handed over two HUGE boxes of her mom's clothing to me. It pained me to cut up her beautiful clothing - Ralph Lauren, Talbot's, Claiborne, and so on...including some magnificent silks, wools, and cashmeres. However, she requested 5 quilts from the beautiful clothing for her family. The first one is done and her grandmother loves it. I can only imagine the emotions she felt opening her quilt made from her own daughter's clothing. The backing is soft Navy flannel.

Grandma is very ill and I'm so glad to have finished this quilt for her to enjoy it. Thank you, Lesley, for this opportunity.


Lately, my business has evolved from a t-shirt quilt business to include memory quilts.  Memories come in many forms: t-shirts, blouses, skirts, scarfs, jackets, and the list goes one. While I'm not making quilts at the rate I was 5, 10 years ago, I find myself consumed in creativity with the memory quilts and I love the diversion!

 Here's a close-up.


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