Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Very Own

I lost track of how many quilts I've made once I got into the 2,000's.... I love making quilts for my clients - t-shirt quilts and memory quilts of all kinds. Each one tells a story - a unique story - and I am honored to help preserve those memories!

Would you believe that until today I have never made a quilt for myself? Nope. Never. BUT HERE IT IS! Thanks to Bonnie Hunter She has inspired me to expand my talents and create art I never dreamed of.  I am so excited about this quilt :)

This is my variation of one of Bonnie's free patterns, Scrappy Mountain Majesty. You can find it here:  I put it on the bed in the guestroom last night and I was so excited! This quilt is totally scrappy. I would estimate 90% of what you're seeing are half-price mens shirts from Goodwill. I am frugal, I admit...but look! I also believe in recycling and repurposing, and what a fun way to do it.

This is a queen size quilt with medium weight batting - good for all seasons. I quilted it on my long-arm with a "loops and leaves" free motion design.

and the back...well, a little jelly roll column down the center, and that Sponge Bob an his friend Patrick showing up "randomly"....????? Funny how that happens.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled t-shirt quilts....

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