Thursday, January 23, 2020

Oh, my blog, how I've neglected you. But alas! I have a fun quilt to talk about. For a long time now, I've been doing leaders and enders - you know, those little pieces you shove through the machine when you finish your main project. I made a nice stash of 9 patch squares that were beginning to collect dust. It was time!

Some time ago, I needed this soft brown fabric for a client's quilt. For some reason I felt the need to buy the bolt. WHY, I don't know! So, here I am making good use of brown. It's not my favorite color, but I think I can make this work. I've seen similar designs, however I didn't follow a pattern.  First I made my 9 patches into diamonds.

I used scrappy neutral sashing and scrappy 2" blocks as cornerstones. Scrappy makes me happy. Each square will finish at 6.5" and it has 64 squares. It's exactly that size. I don't do math. As far as size goes...does every quilt have to be a queen size or king size? Nah. It is whatever. Webbing makes construction easy, so this pic shows the quilt in that stage.

Once I started this beauty, I didn't want to put it aside until the top was finished. I have my @quiltville_bonnie #frolicmysteryquilt to put together and I can only have so much going on at once. My workroom has an 8' x 8' work table, which I love. It's easy to have too much going on so I must stay focused. Yes. Now. What was I saying. OH yes. Focus.

Looking good! I'm so excited that the brown isn't overtaking the quilt. Those scrappy neutrals are making me happy! It still needs some borders though....tomorrow.

Tomorrow is now yesterday (huh??) and there it is, a sawtooth inner border and a 3" mitered corner order border. I'm totally self-taught, and mitering was trial and error and some math (ewww) and logic. It worked!

Oh, the threads are in need of snipping but the quilt is pretty nice. If it's not obvious, I'm pretty excited about this quilt. It's just a top at this point, but I'll post a pic of the finished quilt soon. I see couch snuggles in the near future.