Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mr. Frog, revisited

I was recently invited to a birthday party honoring a four-year-old sweetie who is not only the granddaughter of one of my best friends, but the best friend of my granddaughter.  Addy had a big party, lots of people - a really fun reunion of family and friends.

One of the restrictions of the gift-giving was a $4.00 limit. $4.00! That's tough. I was determined to give her a wonderful gift for just that, or less (only to find out at the party that almost everyone broke that rule!).

Addy's mom and one of my daughters were inseparable as kids, so naturally, this kid is pretty special to me and my family. As many little tykes do, her mommy carried around a security blanket "Mr. Frog" and an accompanying "Mr. Frog" pillow.  While her mommy never really did let go of the blanket, I had possession of the Mr. Frog pillow in hopes that someday I could make something special. Mission Accomplished!

Mr. Frog is sitting right in the middle and the quilt evolved around him. The pile of 4-squares in my "use me!" pile was begging to be displayed around Mr. Frog, along with a few 8" sampler squares.  This is a super scrappy quilt - every piece is from my stash. Heck, I even pieced the batting pieces together.

I love to shop at thrift stores for great deals on shirts and scrubs. Picky as I may be, I can find some amazing deals on XL and XXL cotton shirts, which provide a LOT of fabric to feed my hungry stash. High-quality, beautiful fabrics can be found in the most unlikely places! Many of the colorful squares in the quilt are bits and pieces of colorful scrubs. Whodathunkit? Even the binding is a fun scrub fabric.

There in each corner is a bit of sunshine, a snowman, a Christmas tree, or a shimmering cloud. 

The quilting was done with a free style loops and hearts design which is simple and appropriate. All in a day's work.

Demi and Addy love each other as this picture shows! (photo credit to Mindy Young

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