Saturday, August 10, 2019

Home from Bedford

For the second year, I was able to participate in Bonnie Hunter's workshop in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Bedford is a quaint little town, full of history and uniqueness. It is home to my favorite guilty pleasure "The Penguin" an old-fashioned walk-up ice cream shop with the BEST #moosetracks ice cream ever.

But to get to the point...quilting! I took two workshops, the first was "Serpentine Web", a fun twist on a spiderweb block. I haven't worked on this one since I've been back home, but I'll get to it. It sits on top (but last in line) of my UFO pile! Photos of that one coming soon.

This is Bonnie instructing my tribe.

Second day class was to learn all about Narragansett Blues, a quilt I've had on my bucket list for awhile. It can be found in her book "More Adventures with Leaders and Enders".  I seem to accumulate a LOT of blue fabrics, a good lot from recycled mens' shirts, and after seeing how Bonnie's quilt was featuring all those blues, I went with her theme.

Squares and rectangles in long strips. So many shades of blue and so many random 4-patches! At my table, Lauren and Dallas and I swapped some blues rectangles to give even more scrappy happy to our quilts.
Narragansett Blues on the long arm!

I used a scrappy binding for this quilt to use up all those short pieces of leftovers I've accumulated. And of course, it goes on by machine. No unnecessary hand sewing for this gal.

This quilt came together so quickly. In less than three weeks, it's a wrap! 

My cute little Bubba follows me around like he's on a of course he's got to be in the picture.

Leftover piano key borders, 4 patches, 9 patches, orphan blocks, blah yardage and random recycled shirt pieces make the back of the quilt scrappy and fun. It's not a prize-winner (I've never entered, never will) but it's finished and I love it. Hats off to you, once again @quiltville_bonnie, for your never-ending encouragement and for sharing your talents with us.

Beyond Scrappy...t-shirt quilts are my main gig

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